Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Proud Aunt!!

My nephew Todd is a senior at Jemison High School this year. Actually, Andrea and Todd are only 2 weeks apart....Todd being older. I love to watch Todd play football...Andrea cheers, so it makes it easy to go to his games. However, I really don't get to watch him play baseball. Andrea plays tennis and there is always conflict on games. This year, Andrea has a medical out because of shoulder surgery. So, I now have the opportunity to watch Todd play baseball. He plays centerfield and is really good (at least to me). He is also a fast runner. Last night, the Jemison Panthers was playing Calera Eagles at JHS....nice day but oh so cold. I was freezing and was trying to decide ..do I stay or go home? Joey is traveling and Andrea is at the game....do I really want to go home and be alone? Well, I stayed and boy am I glad. Todd hit a ball over the fence!!! I was so excited!!! The team runs out of the dug-out and waits for him to cross the plate. Giving him high fives and hitting him on the butt. Must be a guy thing.LOL Tammy and Tony are standing up and Tammy is telling Tony "I told you he could do it" while trying to get her camera out. I am yelling my head off and jumping up and down. It was so exciting to see him do this. I don't know how many feet it is or anything...I just know it is along way. I am soooo glad I didn't give in and go home. I stayed and watched the whole game. By staying....I also got to see Wade pitch. I didn't know he pitched baseball. He is a senior also, but from Calera that goes to my church.
When I got home it took forever it seemed to get warm...but it was worth getting to watch Todd play and get his homerun. I don't know if this is the first for him....but it was the first time for me to see it. Jemison Panthers defeated the Calera Eagles! Way to go Todd!!

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