Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sound Investing

The 4th and last part of Scriptural Prayers for Your Finances is Sound Investing.

Spending. Because everything I have is Yours, I will seek Your glory in every financial decision. Specifically, ______________(consult Him about the decisiions you're making now) (1 Chorn. 29:11; Prov. 3:6; 1 Cor. 10:31).

Saving. Just as the ant prepares for the future, I will put aside money for future expenditures that will honor You, including _______(list the things you need to save for) (Prov.6:6-8).

Financial investment. My Master, are there areas in which You want me to take obedient risks with the wealth You have entrusted to me, in order to bring a return that will serve You and Your kingdom (Mt.25:24-27)?

Treasure in heaven. I gladly store up for myself treasures in heaven, where nothing can destroy them or take them away. I choose to shift the focus of my heart from earthly possessions toward heaven, where my home and my lasting treasure are--with You (Mt. 6:19-21;
Heb. 11:16).

Investing in people. Lord, how can I most effectively invest my worldly wealth in people, so that when it is gone and this life is over, they might join me in heaven(Lk.16:9)?
Scriptural Prayers for Your Finances by Brian Smith

In the time that we are living with so much hurt, pain and financial stress; what better time to pray for our finances and our country than now!


Heart2Heart said...

Amen! on all those fabulous points. Still waiting to see when things in this country are going to improve. Glad to see that the banks and the lending institutions aren't struggling as hard as the people living here.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Joyfulsister said...

Amen Sis,
How are you doing? I've missed you and I needed to come over and say hellooo!!! I know we all have been in a busy place and so often we can't do our bloggy rounds. But I do want you to know I do think of you. If you have time I would love for you to enter my giveaway, and I have a special award for my sistah's on the bottom of that post. Hope all is well with you my sistah.

hugz Lorie

Bobbie said...

Amen Number two!

Marsha said...

Great prayer/tips, Darlene. So very timely. Have a blessed weekend.