Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's.
My Valentine is traveling...I talked to him 1st thing this morning ...this is how it went.
Me "I have something I need to ask you".

Joey "okay, what"

Me "Will you be my Valentine?"

Joey "yes, I will, I love you".

Me tear...."I love you too".

Since January 08....Joey has been on a new adventure with his job. He is traveling alot.We came home from our run-a-way/get-a-way Monday, from St. Augustine, FL where Joey had 2 deliveries (look at previous blog). Tuesday, Joey left to make a delivery to Kanas City, MO then returned to Huntsville, AL last night. To Cullman, AL this morning to pick up next load to Iowa. Joey should be home sometime Friday night. I miss him bunches...but, especially this time of year. Maybe this weekend Joey will take me out to eat and hopefully a movie. I am in a way looking forward to summer ...I guess it is bittersweet. In May, Andrea will graduate high school and hopefully we will be getting ready for college, I will also have the summer to travel with Joey. I am excited to go with him...I have always wanted to see the sights in our wonderful USA....even if I may not get to do everything...but, I can start lists of the places to go back to when we retire.LOL
Today, Andrea and I are going after school to look for a prom dress. I am excited and nervous. I pray for God to use this time to help heal our relationship. For me to show love and not frustation.
Happy Valentine's!!!


DeeDee said...

Happy Valentines day to you too... glad you were able to talk to your Joey..

Hope you and Andrea had a good day together.

Amy Wyatt said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog - sometimes you forget that other people are reading and that's when it is really great to know that God is using something you say to bless someone else. I will most definitely add your family to my prayer list. Your daughter is beautiful in these pics.
Hope you had a great Valentines. We are still away and will be gone again next weekend to an epilepsy event, so I'm hoping to get to post at least once this week.
I hope you will visit again.