Thursday, February 21, 2008

22 Years!!

Today is my day 22 years ago. On this day..I remember as if it was yesterday. All the time spent to get ready to walk down the aisle, the preparations and planning for everything to be perfect. To me it was a perfect day. My friend Candace is busy helping plan her daughter Brantley's I listen to Candace talk about the plans and photographers and etc. It brought back so many memories of my day. The dreams and plans of a bright future. WOW, the ride I have been on certainly has been an adventure!
Joey and I have like most marriages have had ups and downs...but, because of God in our lives we had made it this far. We have a beautiful daughter that we are so proud of. I could talk about Andrea all day. But, today is not about her.
Joey and I are so blessed to have God in our lives...not just in our lives but, I think the center of our life. While that has not always been the case...I am thankful that Andrea has never seen our lives without God.
I depend on Joey for so many things and lately since he has been traveling...I didn't realize how much it meant to just be in the same room. Even if I am reading and he is watching that Ultimate Fight stuff. LOL I think sometimes we take each other for granted and don't realize how much we love and appreciate the small things. I believe that Joey and I are closer now than we have ever been. We have gone through so much and depend on each other ...our faith has kept us together when the world would tear us to pieces. I am so thankful for my christian Mom who I know prays for me and mine even still.
As I look outside and see and hear the rain on the window sill...I don't see what a messy day....I remember what a beautiful and special day this is. The day that I became a wife 22 wonderful years ago. I am looking forward to our continue adventure....I have been told the best is yet to come ... all I can say to that is "WOW"!!!!!

P.S. I wish I was still that small!! Along with the 22 years ...I have lots of love and memories and added pounds!! We like to celebrate by going out to eat. We celebrate alot...according to the before and after pics. I will try to post a pic of the way we look now. maybe not.LOL


brantley said...

Andrea looks so much like you in this picture.

Cheri said...

Congrats on 22 years! I think we all have added a few pounds since then. :)