Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Run-a-way....get-a-way

Most of you know the things my family is going through and it has not been a easy road. A couple of weeks ago we noticed a change in the good direction. I was thrilled and wanted to call everyone. But, it was short lived. This past week was very hard on me. I was feeling so alone and drained of everything and well....I just wanted to run away. I know you are not suppose to question God...but, I was wondering "Where are you? Why haven't you done anything? Why do I feel you are not listening to me? Are you there?" I cried most of the day on Friday and was beginning to think the tears would not stop. This is the first time that I felt there was no hope and I felt so alone. Beverly suggested that Joey and I take a weekend getaway and not take Andrea with us. I thought there is no way Joey will agree to this. On Friday as school is getting out...Joey calls and tells me that he has 2 loads to take to Jacksonville, FL. 1st load to be delivered on Saturday morning and the 2nd load to be delivered on Monday morning. Which means he will have to stay the whole weekend. He asked me to go with him and take off work on Monday. I first told him there is no way I can take off work on Monday. I told my neighbor (at work)Kerri and she said "you need to go.. this is your runaway time". I called in a sub and got everything ready for him for Monday. Called Joey and said I am going. Went home packed (way to much), made arrangement for Andrea to have a place to stay and was sitting on ready when Joey got home from picking up the loads.
We arrived in Jacksonville on Sat. morning about 6:30. Joey drove all night. He found a "nice place" for us to stay and we carried our things in. I could not believe my eyes! this place was a dump.even the roaches had moved out! Joey was so excited before we went in because they gave him a discount for having CDL on his license. He was going to drop me off and deliever his load. Well, lets just say I wouldn't stay there by myself. So, I go with him....when we get back to the pit....Joey is so tired and is ready to sleep for a while. When I pulled back the covers to the bed ....you want believe this ....there are cigaretts holes in the sheets!!!
The t.v. didn't work and then the bathroom...oh my...I want go there.
We decided to go for a drive. We went to visit John and Ann Sweat they use to live in Calera and John was the assistant to Bro. Hal. It was so good to see them and their boys have grown so much. John told Joey the area we were in was not a good one and they suggested St. Augustine ( not that Jacksonville is bad just where we were was bad). So, we leave there and drive as fast as we can to pick up our bags and head to St. Augustine. The hotel was more money (poor Joey) but oh was it nice. On Sunday, we went to church with the Sweats and headed back to old parts of St. Augustine for sightseeing. We rode one the trolley through the city and went to the beach. I have never seen the beach on the Eastern side of the U.S. In my opinion the gulf beaches win hands down!! There were people riding their bicyles on the beach!! I have never seen this. the sand was not near as beautiful has Destin or Gulf Shores. But, I got to see the beach of St. Augustine and I can't complain. We had a wonderful supper with fresh fish and oh my it was yummy!!
They also have outlet stores that I was itching to go through. Joey hates shopping and so, when he asked what else I would like to do; I was hesitant to tell him. I thought "why the heck why not" so I told him I wanted to go to the outlets. He said "lets go"!!! I was so excited.....we walked through the shops and he didn't complain not once. that is amazing!!! Of course they had some outdoor shops that we went in and that helped.
I am telling you about my trip for 2 reasons. 1) When I thought there wasn't away to get away....God showed me and gave me away. He also showed me that He was with me and had never left. (I knew this just needed to feel HIM). God knows what we need before we do and I give HIM all the Glory for my much needed get away!! Thank-you God! 2) I don't feel the pressure I felt before we left. Things at home with Andrea are still not great....but, I know that God will work this out in HIS time. I may need you to remind me of this from time to time. 3) I know I said 2 but, I can't leave this out. It was so good to spend time with Joey ..just me and Joey. Everytime we would try to talk about home (andrea) we would remind each other that now is our time and we can discuss this later. I really needed that. I think Joey did too. It was also good to visit friends and see how God is working in their lives. John is a great minister...if you haven't heard him speak .....I suggest taking a little trip. okay, maybe that was 4.LOL
Joey is on his way to Kanas City, MO. today and I told him that he would miss me.. at least he has Bertha. That is what I nicknamed his GPS.LOL Actually, I already miss him.
I know that God hears me and I know that God is looking out for my family. I know that God loves Andrea and will bring her to where she needs to be on HIS time. I just have to keep praying and never lose HOPE!! For those who are praying...don't stop and thank-you!!


Sheila said...

Never give up!
God hears you and is working now on your behalf. Believe!

Julia said...

we are still praying!!! i am glad you got a "getaway"... We love you guys!