Thursday, November 8, 2007


I know it has been a week since my last post, my heart has been so heavy that I just couldn't seem to write.

I think you can figure out from reading my past blogs that my family is going through a rough time. Things are slowly getting better and when I say slow is slow. This is a time I wish it would pass fast.LOL

It is hard to explain what is going on....

Most of Andrea's teenage years she was always focused on God and so in love with HIM that I never thought I would worry about who she gave her heart to. Andrea had very high standards in what she was looking for in a boyfriend....for example: no bad language was big one.
Andrea told me one day about a guy who liked her in 8th grade and I think she might would have liked him if it wasn't for one thing. His mouth. He used bad language. She said if she agreed to be his girlfriend and he talked like that, then what would God say? and she didn't want to let God down. Oh, how I cherish those wonderful conversations. Somehow over time and I really don't know when, but something changed.
Andrea started a daily quiet time with God in 7th grade. She was always so loyal in doing her quiet time. I would go by her room and check on her and she would have her bible out reading the scripture for the day. Her mentor, Michelle would tell me how proud she was of Andrea for spending time with God and doing her quiet time.
I think in the past 6months and maybe even a year, Andrea lost her focus. I was not even aware that she had stopped her quiet time. Which is what I think led us to what we are going through ....
Andrea was devastated that Joey made her and boyfriend break-up.....maybe one day I will tell you about it. Right now she is hurting to much for me to put it all out there. Joey and I feel we did what we thought was best for our daughter...God gave her to us to protect and that is exactly what we are doing. She doesn't understand this day she will. We think because Andrea lost her focus with God and that is why she allowed this guy in her life. A guy who didn't put God first (or Andrea for that matter) in his life.
My family has gone through so much in the past 3 weeks and I know it could have been so much worse without God in our lives. We started a family devotion each night. This is a start to hopefully mending us back together. I know it will take time for hearts to heal and I know that God is doing this.
What I am trying to say is when you lose focus things happen. Andrea lost focus and fell for a smoothe talking, good looking young man. I know she is not the first and unfortunately want be the still hurts. My Andrea... is such a treasure and God truly blessed us when He gave her to us and I know God has great things planned for her. I also know that he has the perfect young man for her too. When the time is right for him to come into Andrea's life, I know God will have her heart ready.
I suggest to those who are reading that have teenagers to ask them often about their relationship with God and about their quiet time. Like....what scripture did you read today, how can I help you with your quiet time or if they have any questions about the devotion or what would they like to share from their devotion. Do a family devotion at least once a week or discuss the devotions as a family at the dinner table. These are things I didn't do and wish I had. Maybe, I would have known that the focus was off and could have helped get it back. I don't know????
If you are wondering if Joey and I would go through this again if necessary? The answer is YES!
The road is bumpy and there are huge pot holes.....but, through God we will dig out of the pot holes and bounce over the bumps.
"For nothing is impossible with God" Luke 1:37
P.S. To those who are praying for us.....THANK-YOU for praying we can feel strength from those prayers and encouragements. Keep us on your prayer list. I don't know how I would make it without friends and prayer warriors!!!!


Julia said...

I am still praying.... I wanna talk to her soon.. I love you guys!

Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

I have to be honest, My prayer time and bible study time have been patchy lately. And this is not a place where I need to try to do things on my own. (more about that in a future blog) Brantley and I decided before I left that we were gonna do a devotion together though thousands of miles apart, she went and picked us up two of the same one so we can discuss it.She is now, unknowingly, pushing me to do mine everyday. I love that girl. She is my little puzzle piece made perfect by God to fit perfectly with me. No other "piece" would fit. No matter how hard I tried to shove it in. Sorry side tracked. God has GREAT things in store for andrea. I just know it. But I am keeping yall in my prayers. Please do the same for me.

Brantley said...

When I talked to Andrea the other night I saw me 3 years ago. I went through the same things she was telling me about. All you and Joey can do is pray for her and continue to do what you think is best. I went through a time when I thought my parents hated me and my boyfriend. Now, I see that they were just worried. They were afraid that I was lieing to them and sneaking around. Honestly, I was lieing to them and sneaking around. I thank them all the time for being so strict through that time. I don't know how you feel as a parent, but I do know how Andrea feels and what is going through her mind. I'm here if she ever needs me again.