Monday, November 26, 2007

Camping on Thanksgiving

I had so much fun camping over Thanksgiving! We left on Wednesday evening and found a great spot at Winn Creek just across the road from Paul, Tracy and Connor Bush. Joey and Andrea left to find supper while I stayed behind and organized the camper. I cooked 2 pans of corn bread for my dressing and was ready to eat by the time they returned (we had pizza). On Thursday, I cooked my FIRST Thanksgiving Dinner. I really never thought about how much time goes into preparing such a great feast....till Thursday. WOW! I cooked from 8am till like 11:45..I loved every minute of it!! Can I just say I CAN COOK!!! even in a camper!!!! I was thrilled that my first Thanksgiving meal for my family was yummy O! I cooked turkey, ham, dressing for the very 1st time and we could eat the food (it was so tasty....YUMMY O!! We also had green beans, mac and chesse and mash potatoes. and store bought pecan pie. The best rolls that was so good you almost forgot to chew.LOL I just smiled when I tasted each bite and even better was watching Andrea and Joey's face when they tasted each bite. YUMMY O!!!
Okay, I will stop bragging about my FIRST Thanksgiving meal. I bet you can't tell that I am proud can you????
The weather was a little cold....but perfect when sitting around the camp fire. I could hardly wait to go out by the fire on Friday. One of my favorite things is to sit by the fire and eat roasted peanuts and throw the hulls in the fire. I got to do this 2 times!!! I felt like a kid at Chistmas. We had movie night at our camper on Friday night and watched Santa Claus 3 and then on Sat. night we listened to the Iron Bowl. I am sad to say my team didn't win, but, I was thrilled to spend time with Joey, Andrea and the Bush's. (no my camper doesn't have a satelite). Maybe Santa will bring us one???
Okay, I did go to Wal-mart like 3 times and on Friday Andrea talked us into going to Goody's.

I am so Thankful for the time spent with Joey and Andrea. It was also good to spend time with Tracy, Paul and Connor. They are so much fun and it has been great getting to know them better. I introduced Connor to knew foods like pomegrantates, dog food (chex mix in choc and covered with powdered sugar) That was one of our Wal-mart trips was to teach Tracy how to buy pomegrantates.
I needed this time away. God has blessed me and I am so Thankful for all HE has done, is doing and will be doing for me.
How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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