Wednesday, July 2, 2008

V8 Moment

Last Thursday on Thankful Thursday I said I was thankful for the V8 moment from God. Several asked, "What is a V8 moment"? So, I am going to explain what it is to me.

V8 is a vegetable juice that is suppose to be so good for you, especially for those who don't eat their vegetables. There is commercials out where you see different people getting tea, coffee, soft drink or something and then they see V8 juice and the raise their hand and tap their head on the side or forehead and say "Wow, I coulda had a V8". To me it means when we say "light bulb moment"... Like you finally understand what is going on or what someone is telling you. "I finally got it"!

Anyway, I try sometimes to come up with different comments. Sometimes they are just plain o' stupid and sometimes they sound good. LOL I ususally try these out on my friends and you should see their looks sometimes! Talk about funny!!

I have been praying for God to show me areas in my life where I need to work on or improve. For the last several weeks, different blogs that I was reading, scripiture, the word LOVE was coming up. I asked God if this was an area I need to work on and if so to give me another clue.

My friend Mitzi posted a devotion on Holding on to the truth...titled "I Am the True Vine". At the end she asked "Are you a dirty leaf in need of the Vinedresser to pick you up?Or..Are you a nice, full fruitful vine?" ***I encourage you to go and read the devotion ****
LOVE is a Spiritual Fruit!

What happened next is what just blew me away and made me realize "V8 moment" what God was telling me.

My friend Krista posted on Word Filled Wednesday -LOVE. She used 2 Corinthians 13:1-8, which describes love and she said "If God is love and we are to follow God's example in all things, then we are also to BE this verse". ***read this post too***

Be the verse means to BE LOVE! There are days that love comes easily other days ...well, let's just say EXTREMELY HARD!!

God has a sense of humor and I know he laughs alot....especially with me. How great that after I asked God to give me a clue that HE sent me not one but two! HE really knows me and how I have blonde moments. HE wanted to make sure I got it....and this is where the V8 moment came in. I finally got what God is telling me.

HE's still working on me. To make me the way I should be. It took HIM just a week to make the moon and stars, the sun and the earth, Jupiter and Mars. How loving and patient HE must be. HE's still working on me. A song I use to sing as a child.

The Vinedresser is still working on me. HE is picking me up and washing the dirt off my fruit.

Have you had a V8 moment lately?


Krista said...

Great post my friend! I have had lots of V8 moments. My moments usually call for humility and sometimes that is embarrasing.

I think sometimes I jump the gun on things and I am trying not to do that anymore. I'm too spontaneous for my own good! But God has used one example after another for me to show me how I can get myself in trouble if I don't slow down and THINK before I act or speak.

Drinking V8, Sista Krista

Cheryl said...


Awesome post! A lot to ponder on. I'm sure God gets a big kick out of the things I do as well.

I've got to go check out these posts you recommended.

Have a great day!

Serendipity said...

What an insightful post! Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day!

Bobbie said...

You have got a word! I love that GOD talks to us and lets us know where he is leading us!

Kimberly said...

My life is a continuous stream of
V8 and blonde moments! :)

Thanks for your encouraging comments! You are a blessing!

Hope you are having a terrific 4th!

Joyfulsister said...

LOL I Luv this. you sure do make my heart smile so wide inside. Yep I too have those V8 moments and I think the Lord looks down and says.. There goes Lorie, and he smiles and says..~~ That's my child gotta luv her ~~~ Isn't it awesome how he loves us even in our goofy moments
because he surely sees our hearts. Hugz Lorie

Christina said...

Yes I have had these moments. I too love how God speaks to us in these ways. Usually you ask and the question is answered in an abundance of ways. Lately I am let to read Isaiah and everywhere I turn I am seeing Isaiah this and Isaiah that. Okay I get it.

LAURIE said...

I loved your post on V8. Isn't it amazing how God shows up in everything even in tomato juice!!!

appreciate your faithfulness! - blessings, Laurie

Jenifer said...

Hey girlfriend. Hope you had a blessed 4th with family and friends.

Had your V8 today? Great post.

I used to live in PC. We live in NC now. I hate that we did not get to meet up. Maybe one day soon. Let me know if you ever need a speak for a women's event.