Sunday, July 20, 2008

JESUS ... is HE in you?

That was the theme for our Kids Kamp 08 this year at Calera Baptist Church. I probably told you this before ....I am head of the committee of the children's team at my church. One of our responsibilities is to plan theme, t-shirt colors and design, get volunteers, live band, games indoor and outdoor, food and plenty of volunteers, etc for our annual Kids Kamp. The committee puts in alot of prayer, time and work. They are great to work with. They truly have a heart for children. This was our 15th year, however this was probably my 5 year to be involved and my 2nd to be on the planning committee. This is ALOT of work. BUT WELL WORTH IT!!

The children register. .1st -6th grade spend Friday and Saturday night and Day Campers are from 4 years to K. We have 3 boy and 3 girl cabins. The kamp is located about 4 miles from our church at Rolling Hills Camp. On Sunday we take the children to our church and have worship service where they all are on stage in their shirts and singing the songs we learned and motions ...they stay on stage during minister time and alot of them will go to sleep. They are so precious sitting on brings tears to my eyes each year when I see this.

Back to our theme.The front of shirt has our Kids Kamp with church logo & 2008 ... on the back of the shirt it has ... JESUS is HE in you... the color is purple with a lightning bolt in 2tone orange out lined in white and black. With big bold green letters going across saying HE in you.

At the bottom it has our scripture reference which is John 6:35 "Jesus said to them, "I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst.

We had gatorade all over campus in coolers for the children to drink and we would talk to them about how it quenches our thirst and relate it to the scripture. IT WAS AWESOME! The children loved it and had so much fun. You can go to our website probably by the end of the week and it will have pictures of all that was going on and some of the leaders and children.

We have a slide show for the parents to see on Sunday when they come to Sunday morning worship to pick up their darlings. This gives them an opportunity to see how much fun we have.

It is also a perfect opportunity to witness to their parents. We had a family to get saved several years ago when their son attended Kids Kamp and when the pastor gave the invitation the father came forward and wanted what his son had recieved. WOW....God is so good. This family works in our church and Kids Kamp.

As some of you know .....on Thursday evening I got a terrible toothache. The pain to the point of tears. On Friday....I woke up to no pain and feeling good. Saturday evening toothache again. Some precious ladies found me an antibiotic to start and I had something to take for pain. I didn't have to spend the night this year ...but due to the fact that my neice was there ....I wanted to be with her(this was her 1st year to get to attend). I stayed...others tried to take me home ...but I refused. I can be stubborn sometimes. Anyway....I am so glad I didn't leave! Celebration on Saturday night was AWESOME... All 1st - 6th graders are in the gym and we are singing songs, bouncing around enjoying the time. Bro. Hal talks to the children about having Jesus in your heart and how you can invite Jesus into your heart. We bowed our heads to pray and while the heads were bowed he asked if you asked Jesus into your heart to raise your hand. Then at the end of service he told the children ... if you raised your hand when you get with your cabin leader tell them and they will bring you to the front as the other are leaving to cabins.


Through the last months we (children's team) have gone through different things in our life ...times when we would want to give up or quit the team. Even this week with toothaches, husbands out of town, frustration, work, high levels of stress of planning and wanting things to be perfect for the know last minute details. Because we keep encouraging each other and we would not let each other give up we allowed God to use us for these children! This is not about us this is about GOD! WE GIVE GOD THE GLORY!

Kids Kamp 08 is successful because of awesome volunteers who have a heart for God and love children. MOST IMPORTANT BECAUSE GOD IS IN OUR MIDST. BECAUSE HE IS THE BREAD OF LIFE...WE WILL NEVER GO HUNGRY ....ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE AND HE WILL QUENCH OUR THRIST!

Example: working outside is hot, you are sweating and your mouth is so dry. You are so thristy and all you want is a big tall glass ice know when you take a drink you can feel it all the way down to your stomach...your mouth can't wait for you to quench the thirst. When you take the first drink....ahahah ...feels so good...wet, cold and just what you need.
That is how God is to us. Only HE can quench our thirst. (my pharaphase from Bro. Hal).

Is it worth it? YES 100 times YES!!! 16 children giving their hearts to GOD!

on a side note: Pray for me....I am going to the dentist tomorrow ....I am terrified of the dentist! Not looking forward to going....but can't handle the pain any longer. Also, pray for our team....each of us have things going on in our lives. Especially one who has a wedding in a couple of weeks. Her oldest is getting married and 2nd daugher is leaving the next week for college.
Talk about STRESS! She is stressed!
Thanks to those who prayed for my mouth ...I know God heard your prayers. For me to wake up on Friday with no pain and make it through most of the camp is an answered prayer!

Satan is roaming to and fro...seeking whom he may devour....GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME AND HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD!!!

A question....JESUS....IS HE IN YOU???


DeeDee @ No Greater Joy said...

It was a good weekend- inspite of the attacks...

Love you gal and praying for you as you go to the dentist tomorrow :)

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Darlene..
I pray the tooth is feeling better ((Hugz)))
We just had our Kids Day Camp also, and my daughter enjoyed every bit of her time there, and like you on Sunday we had a slideshow and goodies for the kids before they left church that sunday. I can see you have such a heart for the children and that is an awesome gift to behold. Hugz Lorie

Krista said...

It was an awesome weekend! God is sooo good. It touches my heart every year when little ones accept Christ into their hearts.

He's in me!

Marina said...

I am sorry about your tooth those do hurt :(
but you sound really busy with the camp! you will be soon at the beach before you know it and loving it :),bliessing in Christ.marina

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

What a wonderful ministry! I am so excited. Yeah God!

boutcrazy said...

I'm with you on those dentist visits..I pray everything will go smoothly for you. How awesome to see God moving in the hearts of young people. He can start a revival with them!!!

Cheryl said...


I so enjoyed reading about Kids Kamp!

But, oh how I didn't like hearing about your job. Ugh! I know the feeling of not having a job, but it was of my choice. I've got several things in the work at least for temporary.

I will pray believing that there will be adequate funding!

Thanks so much for always visiting me and leaving comments. You are such a blessing!


Christina said...

I hope you tooth is all fixed.

I read your comment and I am praying for your situation. I pray that this is remedied in your favor immediately and that the board sees the need for you to continue on.

Anonymous said...

I am going to keep up with you now that I have finally found you. LOL