Monday, July 14, 2008


Today has been one of those days that you enjoy, but is tiring. I went to work at the church for a little while to help out with all the phone calls for Kids Kamp that will be this weekend. Went to lunch with a friend. Joey called and needed me to pick him up in Fultondale. Headed to pick him up and get to Hoover and he calls to tell me never mind! So, I head home and fill out some paper work for Andrea (college stuff) ....then I take the time to read my blog. I am so glad I did! I have received my very first blog award!! YeaH!!! I am excited.!!!! Cheryl from :Hope for Each Day has honored my with this award! It is called: Arte y Pico (meaning "Peak of Art")

What is the meaning of the expression: And basically, ironically, it translates into a wonderful phrase in Mexico, “lo maximo.” LOL! It will never find its counterpart in English, but if it HAD to, it would be something like, Wow. The Best Art. Over the top. I got this info off of the Arte y pico blog.

Cheryl is a SWEET GODLY WOMAN who has a heart for God! I met her through blog land . I enjoy reading her blogs and encouraging words. I visit her blog each day and encourage you to check her out at Hope for Each Day .You will be blessed!

As a recipient of these awards, I have been asked to share each award with five blogs that bless me. I have chosen:

Kimberly @ A Planting for the Lord
Deborah @ Bout Crazy
Lori @ Encouragement From My Heart
Krista @ Krista's Kronicles and Coffee Talk
Dee Dee @ No Greater Joy

I hope that each of these ladies are as excited as I am! There are so many blogs that I enjoy reading that it was hard to make a decision on which to choose.
Congratulations friends!Your “official instructions” follow. Now go forth and share the love! To the recipients of the award...pick five blogs you consider deserving of this award, whether for creativity, design, interesting material, or contributions to the blogging community, no matter what language. Name each nominee and link to his/her blog. Show the award and include the name (and link to his/her blog) of whoever presented you with this award.Link to the Arte y Pico blog so everyone knows the origin of this award. Post these rules.

Congratulations Ladies!!!


Kimberly said...

Thank you so much, Darlene!!! What a blessing that you would include me! :) Thank you!

Love and blessings,

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Darlene
(((Hugz)) Thank you from my heart, I would like to thank the academy ( hee hee) Just joking!!. Thanks for this special blessing... Luv ya Lorie

Krista said...

Oh my goodness. I want to thank God, my family, friends and my fans. Without you... just kidding!

Thank you, Darlene, for making my day! You are always the first to encourage me so if it wasn't for the fact that you sent me an award, I would send it to you! You would be top on my list.


Tricia said...

Congratulations Darlene! I got the same award too! Isn't that cool!

boutcrazy said...

Thank you! How cool to be selected. But it really touches my heart that my blog has touched yours. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

You made my day,

Melanie said...

Congralations on the award! You certainly deserve it.. I love to visit your blog and always leave encouraged.

Happy Tuesday!

Kimberly said...

Thank you, again! I posted on this today!