Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

I am thankful for Prayer Warriors. People you can call on at a moments notice and ask for prayer and you know they are praying.

I am thankful for my family.

I am thankful for my husband.

I am thankful for my neices especially... Ashlynn who always is so glad to see me and wants to come to visit me....even wants Joey and I to make a bedroom just for her. We are working on doing just...but, she will have to share with her sister Bralynn.

I am thankful for my Heart Friends.

I am thankful for my MOM who still prays for me.


Tricia said...

Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comment you left me earlier! I am glad that you have not let this storm stop you from giving thanks to God. I think being thankful is a very powerful tool that God uses in our lives to get the focus off of the storm and onto Him! Hang in there!

BP said...

It is always nice to know the people who you can count on to pray for you whenever needed. God bless you today!

Mary said...

Prayer warriors are a must! And to have your mom pray for you is more than precious. Our kids are grown and we pray for them daily. What a privilege! Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

Tanja said...

Darlene, I thought I did something wrong when I clicked to go to your blog... and saw the same background as mine. :-) You are right... where would many of us be without those prayer warriors. I love what you wrote about your nieces. So sweet!

Stephanie said...

Prayer warriors are wonderful! I hope that your nieces get to come visit~that sounds like fun b/c I have a boy. Girl time!!!

serendipity said...

Hi Darlene, thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment. That's a great list you have there. A mother's prayer is very powerful! Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Darlene, I am so glad to see you
posting again. I have checked your
blog almost every day. I have been so concerned for you. I am thrilled
to hear the positive faith stance
you are taking. I know that praise
lifts us to the throne room of God.
Singing the word is praying twice.
You are destine for victory...remember the family you
came many victories have
already been won!!!!

Melanie said...

Aren't Mom's great? They pray and pray for us no matter how old/young we may be.

Have a blessed weekend!

Storm said...

God bless.