Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Wedding!

The wedding was so beautiful! Brantley was absolute breath taking in her gown. I am sure that is how Jonathan felt when he saw her walking down to meet him. The church was packed and so was the reception.
I think I have told before that Brantley is very special to our family. Her mom (Candace) and I are good friends as far back as high school. Our husbands went to school together...we ususally take camping trips together, sometimes vacations( actually this year was the first time we have not been on vacation together in several years). My daugher, Andrea and Candace's #2 Brooke are the same age. Brooke is leaving on Wednesday for college. Anyway, because our families are so close I was honored to be the Wedding Coordinator. This was my first time and I was soooo nervous. I felt like I was being mean on Friday night at the rehersal. Trying to keep adults focused is hard work. LOL On Saturday (Wedding Day) everything was going great till the grandparents start lining up and I have to get all emotional. I started to tear up and I was trying to hold it in. I knew when Candace saw me that she would start so I was trying to hide it. I kept breathing and trying not to look at anyone. That is very hard when you are watching and listening so you can tell them when to walk in. Candace saw me and was immediatly concerned that something had happened to Joey who was traveling to Utah. She asked me what was wrong and all I could do was shake my head. She finally realized that it was nothing with Joey and I was just emotional because of sweet Brantley getting married.
Bro. Hal tried to joke with me and said "If you are doing this with Brantley what are you going to do when Andrea gets married". I don't even want to think about this! I finally got a hold of myself after a snort or two. I was as shocked as Mike when that snort came out. Then I had to laugh. I got to hug Brantley and tell her I love her before she went down to meet her groom. Such a precious time. Everything went wonderful....the singing, the bride's court and groomsmen...the ring boy was entertaining and adorable. I even got the honor of driving Brantley and Jonathan to the reception.
Several people came up to me and said they didn't know that I did wedding coordinator professionally. I was sooo surprised and so was they when I told them this was my first!!!
Will I do it again? Yes, I really had a great time and enjoyed it. Being emotionally attached to the bride was a challenge... we survived snort and all. LOL I was surprised at the emotions I had ... I thought I had everything under control...then the tears had to come. It is okay...we will laugh about it someday...actually we already have.
Brantley will always be special to us ... We are very proud of both Brantley and Jonathan.

Do you have a wedding funny or mishap to tell...if so I would love to hear it.

Thanks for all the comments on Friday's Quote and the encouragment... I really needed it and it felt good to read all the positive comments.

Pray for me...this week is a hard one. Andrea leaves next Friday for University of Alabama and I am still in need of a job.
When God closes a door HE opens a window. Someone told me this (I think Cheryl) and I keep reminding myself of this everyday.

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Kimberly said...

I am SOOO glad it went so well! Snort and all, huh? :)

I will be praying for you as your baby heads off to college and as you look for a job. May He bless you with peace and give you wisdom!

Blessings, sweet Darlene!
Who knows, maybe your job could be as a wedding planner!