Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Andrea's Big Move

First...I would like to thank everyone that is praying for us during this time of change. Andrea is moved in at University of Alabama and doing great. Her classes start today...
Moving is not easy for anyone ...when you add that you are moving your one and only child to a huge University ...makes it seem so much worse.
Moving day was filled with all kinds of emotions. For Andrea, it was exciting..can't wait to get everything in place...independant, feeling all adult like.
When we arrived at the University it was mass of people everywhere trying to move their babies into a new place. I saw parents that had the "deer in the headlights look", parents that had their chest all puffed up with pride for their child, parents who where scared to death, parents who just wanted it over with, parents emotions on this day was WILD!
The dorm that Andrea moved into has 12 floors and 3 elevators. We had to sit in line just to pull up to the sidewalk. We unloaded my car first and then I moved to another parking lot. Joey stayed with Andrea's things while she checks in. When she returns she asks me to grab a load and stand in line for the elevator. The line for the elevator was through the parking lot!! I was so surprised!! We quickly realized this was not good. Andrea is on the 3rd floor so, we decided to take the stairs. 2 flights of stairs per floor.....which means 6 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS ...CARRYING ALL HER THINGS! Did I mention we had 2 cars loaded down? Let's just say after the 3rd or 4th trip...this overweight, out of shape, mom was huffing and puffing like you wouldn't believe! My arms were like jelly and my legs felt the same. I was so hot and needed to cool down so I skipped trip #5 and chatted with Andrea's roommate Rachel.
Everything was finally in the room and Joey was nice enough to help Andrea's other roommates carry their things in. Rachel was kind enough to give Andrea the bigger closet and we are so thankful...because Andrea needed the space. I think she carried about 50 pairs of shoes at the least! Andrea and I start working on putting her things away and decorating, Joey is in the living room talking to another Dad.
We go to a nice Mexican place to eat lunch and Joey talks to Andrea about how proud of her that we are and for her not to forget her raising. That she will see things she has never seen or been around and she will need to stand strong in her faith and walk away from these things. The whole time I am fighting the tears. I know once they start they want stop. Andrea then drives us around campus showing the places she will have class and etc. Joey and I both feel so proud and confident that Andrea is at the right place. She already knows her way around and feels good about it. Which helps us even more. We go back to the dorm and Andrea leans over and hugs her dad bye and I get out of the backseat and I give her a big hug and remind her to call. I kept my shades on because I didn't want her to see my huge tears. I get in the car to drive home and the emotions start to well up and I think I was going to loose it. Joey looks at me and tells me that she is going to be okay and not to cry...because he needs me to drive home. (Joey drove all night Thursday arrived home at 6:30 am on Friday and we left for Bama at 7:30). He was exhausted! So, I put my big girl panties on and only allowed a few tears. He slept all the way home! Andrea called twice that night and I was so excited to hear her voice. Thankfully, she has called everyday to let us know how she is doing. She is even calling Joey while he is on the road. We miss her like CRAZY!!!!
These next months will be an emotional roller coaster...I know that God will see us through each turn and curve and ups and downs. Continue to pray for us. Especially, Andrea ...she is already facing some of the things her Dad has talked to her about. Pray for her to stay strong in her faith and stayed focused.


Cheryl said...


This story you've relayed of Andrea reminds me of a few years ago when my niece went away for college. A little over an hour from where we live. It was extremely difficult for my sister, also. After the 1st year, they decided to pay $50 extra to move in a few days before every one else.

I want you to know that my niece Jenny is now out of college. She stood firm in her faith in college and still today. I think I may have told you this already. Your Andrea will too. I just know it. I'm so extremely proud of the the adults my niece and nephew have become, especially in this world today.

Just like your Joey said, you've taught her well.

Praying for that job, sister.

june said...


I was thrilled to read your account
of moving day.

I believe the scripture that say,
train up a child in the way she
should go and when she is old
she will not depart from it.

I have proved the above scripture
to be true. Andrea, will be okay.
She will will stand the test of

Remember she comes from strong roots.


june said...


Andrea will be just fine. I am so
excited for her.

I have proved this scripture.
Train up a child in the way she
should go and when she is old she
will not depart from it.

Andrea, cannot go any where, where
His presence is not.

Nothing is lost in the kingdom.


june said...


I have tried to post this 3 times,
and it has not gone through. I
guess this calls for a phone call.

I, believe Andrea will be just fine.

I have proved the scripture that
says, train (bend the tree) up a
child in the way she should go, and when she is old she will not
depart from it.

Tons of pray and blessing coming
your way.


Melanie said...

Darlene, It sounds like you have sucha wonderful daughter and that she will do you proud (although, I'm guessing she already has!). Wow.. what an exciting experience college is. I pray it will only be all of the best for her. And, I pray for you and Joey as you adjust to a much quieter house. I know the Lord has much in store for each one of you in this time of change!

A happy heart at home said...

(((Hugs))) Just last Friday, our daughter flew over 2,000 miles to get to school. We weren't able to go with her to settle her in. We miss her very much. Our youngest will be in grade 10 this year.

It sounds like you have raised a strong young lady. Praying for her and for you and your husband as you all adjust.