Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How name "Puff" came to be

Alot of people have asked how I came up with the name of my blog "Puff's Pocket". When I explained it was a nickname they looked surprised because they didn't know this.
How the name came to be:
I work at Jemison Middle School where I have a lot of great co-workers that I like to call friends. In the spring several years ago... Christy had a Beauti-control party called "spa party". I went to the party for some much needed girl time and we had so much fun. Most of the ladies there were co-workers and it was great to spend time with them away from work. We all needed some girl time ...to get away from our families, work and leave it all behind for a couple of hours to be pampered. The consultant was showing products and letting us try different things when she introduced us to Bistro body. Which had a powder that you put on your body and the puff to put the powder on smelled like chocolate! Well, everyone who knows me...knows that I LOVE CHOCOLATE! I just couldn't believe that a puff smelled like chocolate. Because of my surprise the consultant gave it to me first and well...lets just say I didn't want to share. So, everyone was trying to get the puff from me and was teasing me. I would give it up to let someone smell and then would ask for it back. Shonda who was next to me; kept trying to get the puff and then she said "okay puff give us the puff" we all laughed and then the next thing I know they are calling me "puff". Everyone was joking and have great fun with the girls.

The next day at work ...I walked past Shonda's classroom and she yelled "hey Puff Mama" I say hey and kept going. Then the next thing I know when co-workers spoke to me they called me Puff and then some of the students picked up on this and they would call me Mrs. Puff. No one till now; really knew how Puff came to be or why I was called that.

When I decided to start a blog....I was so knew and green...I was excited and trying to come up with a GREAT name and was stumped. I am not creative so, I went to my wonderful creative friend Shonda. I explained what I was doing and how I wanted a GREAT name and she out of the blue said "PUFF's Pocket". The students in her room was learning to blog also and they like it. Puff being my nickname and Pocket being my thoughts. So, that is how I decided on Puff's Pocket.

My friends (away from work) didn't understand how I came up with Puff's Pocket and I would just say it is a nickname....they didn't know about it and you could see confused looks. Then I had a bag monogramed with Puff's Stuff on the side and you could still see confused looks. LOL Some would ask how did you get that name and I really never took the time to explain.

Now: I see how reading blogs have helped and encouraged me in so many ways and through a rough 8 months with my daughter all the prayers and blogging friends I have met that the blog name just didn't seem to be what I needed or wanted it to be.
I want to encouarge others and with their walk with God and I want God to use me to reach out (you know get out of my box or comfort zone) to others. I see how God can use this for that. I have posted about my life struggles and ups and downs, being thankful and etc. This has helped me to put my feelings on paper (so to speak). I have always wanted to journal but, would get so caught up with it being neat and pretty that I would end up not doing it. This blog has been good for me to do this without worry about it being perfect.

I was trying again to come up with a GREAT name to rename my blog. When I came across the song by Avalon "Everything to Me" on youtube while looking for the video to post on Then Sings My Soul Saturday. I watched the video and it really spoke to me. This is what God is to me; HE is my everything. The air I breathe, more than a story, HE is everything to me. Has I was watching the video...light bulb moment ...I thought that is a great name for my blog "EVERYTHING TO ME". I decided to tuck it away and think about it and I have for several weeks now and this week deciced to change the blog name. While the address is still :http://puffspocket.blogspot.com the name is Everything to ME. I am still working on some changes but, have not posted them yet.

Don't misunderstand me... that while I love the nickname "Puff" and I get a smile on my face when I am called this. I felt it was time for a change for my blog to have a new name. A name to express how I feel about my Saviour, my family, my friends, my life.

So, talk to me....which do you like? Puff's Pocket or Everything to Me.


Mitzi said...

That is a hilarious story. I like the new name though. It is funny how things come about when a group of women get together for bonding time. You never know what will happen. It's always fun. I can't wait for the next girl time that I get.

kmom3 said...

First, thanks for your super sweet comment! :)

Second, I loved reading about how you got the name for your blog. I had always wondered what "Puff's Pocket" meant. :)

I really think you should go with whichever title you feel best describes your blog right now...or whichever one makes you happiest! I really do like "Everything to Me". But a blog name is a personal thing.

Hope you are having a great week!
Love and blessings,

Melanie said...

I love the story of how you originally named the site "Puff's Pocket". However, I really like the name "Everything to Me". There is so much meaning in that title and says so much about you and your faith.

Have a great week!

Krista said...

Oh...You have to keep Puff's Pocket. I love your nickname. Maybe it'll catch on at church. lol Have a great day!

Joyfulsister said...

Geeze I like them both..okay okay I know I wasn't any help lol.. But follow your heart and you will be at peace with the one you choose. I loved the story too.. Hugz Lorie