Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday's Quote

"Special Treat"
"Blend equal parts of Faith and Hope mixed well with Charity;Stir in Good Will and Sweet Content and Precious Memory.Add Kindness, Helpfulness and Joy; of Gratitude don't spare;Then drop by drop Love's Essence sweet, and Praises freely share.And don't forget such spices rare as Laughter, Smiles and Fun,Taste often for the best results, ('Tis sweet to mince upon).Now add a Thankful Heart and then, the recipe's complete,Your "Merry Christmas" all will like … so try the season's treat."
--Esther Lloyd Dauber

"May Christmas bring you happiness,
A song to fill your heart
With all the blessings large and small
The season doth impart."
--Garnett Ann Schultz ("My Christmas Wish")

"May Christmas lend a special charm
To all you chance to do.
And may the season light your way
To hopes and dreams anew."
--Garnett Ann Schultz ("My Christmas Wish")

Christmas is just a couple of weeks away....I still don't have a Christmas tree up and not one present has been bought. I am not stressed about this either. I do enjoy Christmas ...this year just seems different for so many reasons. I really like shopping in the hustle and craziness of last minute gifts. I have not always been this way. When Andrea was younger ...I would always try to make sure we bought what was on her list before the crowds was bad. Now that she is older I find that I enjoy last minute shopping. I know this sounds crazy!!! LOL
I decided to look up Christmas quotes and liked these and wanted to share. Do you have a favorite Christmas quote? If so, I would love for you to share it.


boutcrazy said...

I like your Friday quotes. At work, everyone puts a verse or quote under their signature. Sometimes you get use to seeing them, you don't read them, but they are great.

Christmas is different here too. We put a small table tree with the Christmas village and let that be it. It's worked so far.

Hope you have fun shopping in all the craziness.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I don't have any special quotes about Christmas but I love the first one you posted.
And yes, I can understand how you would love the hustle and the bustle of last minute shopping.
I pray that the sweetness of this time wraps itself around you heart in a big way!

Laurie Ann said...

Your quotes are great! I love the first one.

Here's one of my faves:

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.--W. T. Ellis

Melanie said...

Great quotes.. each one of them!

Have a great weekend!

Leon Basin said...

Great quotes

Anonymous said...

Christmas time always brings back the memories of when Jessica was a little girl. As a fellow mom of an only, I thought you might enjoy this quote.

"It comes every year and will go on forever. And along with Christmas belong the keepsakes and the customs. Those humble, everyday things a Mother clings to, and ponders, like Mary in the secret places of her heart."
American Writer - Marjorie Holmes

Merry Christmas,
Vicki Pounders

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sis..
I enjoyed each quote thanks for sharing them. I'm not stressing out on Christmas either, The past couple years has really made me see a different side of gifts and gift giving. So far my family feels the same we are just so thankfuk for good health and just having each other.

Hugz Lorie

Sandy Toes said...

Last minute shopping can be fun!!! It's full of the hustle and bustle!!!
-sandy toes

Debra said...


I loved your quotes. I usually have all of my shopping done by now and just back and relax. I don't know what has gotten into me this year. I still have so much to accomplish and don't have a clue as to what to get more than half of my family.

I may end up in that last minute hustle and bustle! Hugs to you!!

Peggy said...

Blessings Darlene...Not too crazy!
Just holding out for the right time & right gift & perhaps the best sales!

Quotes to share:

What is Christmas?
It is tenderness for the past,
courage for the present,
hope for the future.
It is a fervent wish
that every cup may overflow
with blessings rich and eternal,
and that every path
may lead to peace.
~ Agnes M. Pharo

My favorite cards are from Helen Steiner Rice so here are 2 more from her:
Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of mind;
Teach us to be patient and always to be kind. ~ Helen Steiner Rice

Peace on earth will come to stay,
When we live Christmas every day.
~ Helen Steiner Rice

Of course Charles Dickens and H.W. Longfellow have the most traditional but here's an unknown one:
"There's more, much more, to Christmas
Than candlelight and cheer;
It's the spirit of sweet friendship
That brightens all year.
It's thoughtfulness and kindness,
It's hope reborn again,
For peace, for understanding,
And for goodwill to men!"
~ Author Unknown

My favorite of yours is the RECIPE!
If I could only follow it step by would be a SPECIAL TREAT to those around me! Happy Holiday shopping whenever you get to it!
Put your tree up closer to Xmas!!!
(unless it helps to get in the spirit)! JOY, Peace & Love...
Fall on you all from up ABOVE!
Granting you your heart's desire.
Rekindling God's Love & Fire...
in each of your family...may God return once more a memory!!!

Christina said...

Cute quotes.

I'm glad that you are having a mellow time of the year. I just can't believe all this hustle and bustle all over the place. It just seems to take some of the true meaning away. It seems the quieter things are the more we can really enjoy Christmas.

Kimberly said...

There is something kind of fun about last minute shopping, isn't there? The challenge, the adventure! :)

Know that I keep you in my prayers! :)
You are a blessing!
K :)