Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Gentle Thunder

"My God will use his wonderful riches in Christ Jesus to give you everything you need."
Phililppians 4:19

God's faithfulness has never depended on the faithfulness of his children. He is faithful even when we aren't...When the disciples didn't pray, Jesus prayed.
When the disciples didn't see God, Jesus sought God.
When The disciples were weak, Jesus was strong. When the disciples had no faith, Jesus had faith. I simply think God is greater than our weakness. In fact, I think it is our weakness that reveales how great God is....God is faithful even when his children are not.

This came from Grace for the Moment Inspirational Thoughts by Max Lucado

Just in in these past weeks God has done so much for my family. When Joey was in New Mexico and drove to Oklahoma City, OK to wait for a load to return home....God provided him with a load to AK. So, much closer than having to drive his truck empty all the way. God made a way when we didn't see a way.
Now Joey is headed to Wisconsin...He will not arrive till tomorrow. We are praying for God to make a way for a load to come toward home so he will not be empty all the way. God knows our needs and I believe just has HE provided a load last week....HE will make a way for Joey this week.
There is so much more...if I listed all the wonderful things that God has would take me a long time and you would get oh so tired. HE provides for his children ! I am also thankful that HE provides for my every need!!!
God will make a way when we don't see a way!

What has God done for you ...when you didn't see a way?


Tracy said...

Beautiful post. Isn't it amazing how faithful He always is? Really, really love the new look, by the way! Blessings!

Sharon Brumfield said...

First, love the new background! I had picked this before I picked the one I have now..didn't have it long but I loved the colors.
This post is right where I am right now...God providing the way...God at work even when we don't see it.
I know in my heart that He is moving and He is up to something great. Do I know what it But I am so glad that He is faithful. When I am floundering in my own weakness...I am so glad that I can reach out to His strength.
Good post....standing with you in anticipation of the great things God has planned.

Laurie Ann said...

God is so faithful!

Tricia said...

I too have seen God's provisions so much lately... He has provided for our every need, even for some desires! He is definitely faithful, I am reminded of that every morning as I see the sunrise...


Debra said...


It was so good to hear from you!

I, too, have seen God provide for us so many times over the years. Right now our home is just sitting on the market back home and somehow we are finding a way to stay afloat financially. We are praying for a buyer and know that God will provide for one in His timing. Oh the pressing in!

Blessings to you and your family, my friend. Abundant blessings. Hold on tight to His faithfulness...He will never let you down.

Laurie Ann said...

What a precious post. God is so good. He is awesome! He has been so faithful to me, making me be able to work even with 2 chronic illnesses. He always gives me my portion for the day.

Kimberly said...

Hey! Love your new look! :)

And I love this post! I am so thankful for His faithfulness. He has really been providing for us through my husband's job as well!

And thank you for your encouraging comment over at my place! You are a blessing!

Have a great weekend!
K :)

Joyfulsister said...

Oh Great Is Thy Faithfulness. you are so right sistah even when we are not faithful he remains ever so faithful still. Sometimes we leave him, yet he never leaves us. I'm so happy to hear how the Lord has been providing for your husband as he drives. I remember a time when as a young married couple with two small children we had a problem with my hubby's military check and was short on money for groceries, we prayed and someone left bags of food outside our door without saying who left it.

God is so faithful indeed!!

Hugz Lorie

Anonymous said...

"God's faithfulness has never depended on the faithfulness of his children. He is faithful even when we aren't...When the disciples didn't pray, Jesus prayed."
I LOVE THIS!!!! awesome post and what a great reminder...

Love your new background :)

Cheryl said...


So true. Thanks for sharing this!

Praying for you and your family.