Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Season

I can't believe that Summer is over and Fall is here!
Fall is usually a busy time for me. This Fall is different. Don't get me wrong...I have been busy...just not as busy since Andrea is in college. It amazes me how much can change in a year. Last year...was so busy with cheering, football games, pep rallies, running for class office, etc. My time totally revolved around Andrea and what was going on in her life. I loved every minute of it. I have to admit...I miss it! Life at my house is so different and quiet!

I haven't posted much lately due to several things. One major one is computer problems that I hope now are fixed. Time management, and emotions. I feel like I have been on a emotional roller coaster. Up and down, twist and turns, even upside down, flying fast and then still. I don't know if anyone understand what I am trying to say...don't know if I am even making sense but, to me it does. I hope to post on some of these things soon.

I know everyone goes through different phases in life and I have always embraced these changes....till now. The phase I am in now is not so easy. Actually, it is down right hard. To much change too fast. I am still trying to adjust....some days are good others...well, not so good.

Andrea is doing good at college. I am so proud of her...she is a very strong young lady! She is handling the change so much better than me. My chest swells with pride when I think of how well she is adpating to all the changes. I keep thinking Joey and I must have done something right for her to be doing so good.

Job change is another change that I am still adjusting to. I am working at the school ...just in a different department. Again, good days ...bad days. I have the honor to work with special students that are slowly working their way into my heart.

For the past 2 weeks it seems that something is always happening. Things that have kept my emotions on that roller coaster I mentioned earlier. I was reminded that God doesn't put more on us than we can handle. I don't know that I am handling things so great... actually, I know there are areas that I have not handled good at all. I am trying...

I was reminded of a song that I use to sing back in the day. "He's Still Working on Me".
Maybe that is why I am going through some of these things is because HE is still working on me.
I am so glad that HE has not given up on me and that HE is with me through all the changes, phases and new seasons of my life.
God has a plan ....He just hasn't given me the details yet.

I bet if I was walking in the sand ....there would only be one set of footsteps...HIS!


DeeDee said...

but how wonderful to know that He does carry us. You are in His hands.
Love you and Praying for you and these days of change.

Krista said...

Hang in there! You'll look back on this season someday and smile. I am proud of Andrea too. She is a good girl with a huge heart and she is doing the best she can.

Love you,

Blessed One said...

Oh Darlene, I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time. Changes can be hard to get through and when there's a lot going on at once, it can be overwhelming. What you said about you and Andrea reminded me of a country song from the early 90's called "Letting Go" by Suzy Bogguss. The whole song is about a mom and daughter and the daughter growing up and going to college. Praying for you!

Michelle C. said...

I don't want to imagine what you're going through when my boys are gone and the house is empty. I'm going to soak up everyday. Thanks for the reminder!

Laurie Ann said...

What a beautiful and heartfelt post! It made my heart feel warm at the assurance you have in Christ.

Tricia said...

Hey Darlene
I am praying for you, I am so sorry this season has turned out to be so hard for you, I know that at this time last year you were really looking forward to it...

Keep your eyes on your Father above, and He will bring you through...