Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break 08

Last week was Spring Break for us and it flew by. We went camping at Wind Creek State Park in Alexander City, AL. There were close to 60 people from our church that went this year. The weather was beautiful and very windy. I really enjoyed visiting with friends, playing games and sitting around the camp fire. Joey was "Grill Man" and he loved every minute of it ......as did everyone who ate from the grill. As you know this is Andrea's senior year and the last of Spring Breaks has a high school student. Yes, she went camping with us and had a great time. She was not the only teen there. She had several friends there her age and Hillary came down and stayed with us for a couple of days. Hillary usually goes with us on our camping adventures. They played volleyball and walked to the different campers till they realized that Hill had brought her car and they could ride.
On Sunday, we gathered at a central location and enjoyed songs and spending time in God's word and testimony. Sam delivered the message and several different people talked about how God has blessed them and shared things. This was a special time. It was so nice to sit around in sort of a circle, outside in God's beautiful land, under the blue skies with birds flying by, hearing the rustle of the leaves as the wind was blowing and worshipping HIM. Not worrying about anything .....just being.
Everyone brough their camping chairs to sit in and some even had p.j.'s still on. It was all good. Anything goes when you are camping. It was very nice. I may post later on this.
All in all Spring Break was very nice. I enjoyed spending time with family and friends and had a very relaxing time. I even got to use the washer and dryer in my camper so I wouldn't have so many clothes to wash when we got home. Now that was real nice!!
On Monday it was back to work and the routines of everyday life. The only thing is the months are flying by. Graduation will be here way to soon for us and not soon enough for Andrea. more on this at a later time.
I am thankful for so many things and one of those is having a wonderful Spring Break with my family and friends. Spending time with Joey and Andrea is always the top of my list.
I want to hear from you so.....
How did you spend Spring Break or what is your favorite Spring Break memory?


Sheila said...

My children went to the beach with their grandparents. My husband and I didn't go because of work, but enjoyed spending a few days together, without taking care of anyone else but us! It was great!

kmom3 said...

What a sweet time you have to remember! I need to treasure my time with my three little ones who will be 3, 5, and 7 very soon. I realize I will be facing graduations before I know it!
We have Spring Break next week. And the only thing on tap right now is just some fun down time with family!