Monday, October 22, 2007

Women need Women

Women need Women that is a fact. I am so excited we now have a mentoring group at my church. The beginning: Krista and I went to a women's conference at Brook Hills Church, and we heard about the Woman to Woman mentoring program and thought what a great idea and how we could use the program at CBC (Calera Baptist Church). We told our committee about it and started looking into how to set the program up for us.In the mean time.... we had several ladies express to us the need for a christian mentor to give advice in several areas like: husbands, children, christian living, prayer and accountability and how to find someone who would be willing to take on the task. The women's committee decided to pray about the program see where God led us.
Over a year later.....Well, can I just say "God is soooo Good!" It took a lot of work and dedication but, we had our 1st Coffee ( that is where the ladies come to meet and decide if the want to participate in the mentor/mentee program).
Then step 2 was the committee matching up the mentor/mentee. WOW, you could see in this meeting how God was using each of us ladies in matching these ladies. I must say, I never thought I would be a mentor. I don't feel worthy enough to help someone else and I have made so many mistakes in my life and well, I was just SCARED to be a mentor ......I wanted to be a mentee. God had a different plan. HE is asking me to step out of my box!! So, I told God...I will step out of the box, but I can't do this without you and HE assured me I would not be alone ( how awesome is that?).
Step 3. the kick-off was Oct.18th. this is where the mentor meets the mentee and their own prayer warrior. This is the beautiful part... to see all the ladies go to each other and introduce themselves has the mentors and mentees. I wanted to sit back and watch how they came together the surprise on their faces and then the hugs. You see when the mentees came into the room you could see uncertainty on their faces and they were nervous. The mentors the same with nerves and hoping the mentee would be glad to have you has a mentor you know like "what in the world am I doing" looks. But, has the ladies came together it was just beautiful! I wished we had video to watch this moment. To see what God is doing in our Women's ministry and allowing me to see it all come together and be apart is so precious to me. There was a time I got teary eyes, because ME .....Darlene allowed God to use me and the other ladies on the team to help bring all these precious ladies together. When I am old and gray I think this will be one of the moments I will look back on in my life .....I will never forget it.
This week my mentee and I will have our 1st meeting.....I am excited and still scared. But, I know that God will be right beside me.

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Jenifer said...

You will be an amazing mentor! I am sure for your mentee it is an honor to have your opinion and guidance in her life! You have rasied such a precious daughter who loves the Lord! That in itself speaks a million words for the help you will be to the young mom that you will be mentoring! You are both in my prayers! I have LOVED getting to know you more over the last few months and cant wait to minister more to our children with you!